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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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regular yet rapid a progress, that in a few days
all hopes of his recovery were at an end. Through
the whole, his mind was preserved calm and se-
rene, and, when sensible that the closing period
of time was at band, he requested that his
domestics might be called into the room. These
consisted of two white servants, two Negro
boys, and a little orphan girl, whose mother had
been many years a nurse in the family, out of
respect to whom, he supported and educated the
child. The mind may conceive the situation
and feelings of this little group, yet I am ready to
believe it is impossible for the pen to describe it.
After a short but awful pause, he addressed each
of them in the language and accents of a father;
for indeed as a parent he had always conducted
himself towards them. Having communicated to
them counsel and advice suited to their several
sizes and condition, he gently turned his face
from them, and quietly resigned himself, and left the
world without a sigh or struggle; a bright example
of faithfulness to his Divine Master, and a more
intelligible exposition of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, than whole volumes of controversy.

7th Month, 23d and 24th.

I continued at my
lodgings at Merion

, making some arrangements
for my return to England.

I have sometimes noticed how expert the people
of America are with the saw and the axe, and as