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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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of age. In the gallery he commonly wears a dark
coloured cotton cap, fitting closely to his head,
and over his shoulders a long dark coloured cloak.
Notwithstanding his singular appearance, he is not
less remarkable in his manner when exercised in
the gallery. He uses considerable action and
gesticulation, and his sentiments, in general, are
almost a continual exposition of the Mosaic
Law, with references to the counterpart in the
Gospel dispensation, which he explains in a way
that I never heard equalled; and with a volubility
of expression, and quickness of recollection, that
are astonishing to a stranger.

6th Month, 29th.

I this morning paid a visit
to J. J. and his wife, at their habitation. This
family, with many others I have met with, contra-
dict a notion which prevails in England, That
the Americans are generally short lived. The
husband is in his 95th year, and his wife in her
89th year. One of his sisters is of the same age,
and another sister is in her 85th year; and all of
them may, from every appearance, live some years
longer. J. J. told me, that he had often heard his
father speak of his having seen the foundation laid
of the first house that was built in Philadelphia;
and I understood that he was one of William

's most intimate friends.

I spent this evening at B. J.'s country residence.
This house, which is substantial and well built,