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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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ings I dined and spent on hour two very plea-
santly at John Elliot

's, where I had the company
of many friends from different parts of the Con-
tinent of America.

In the afternoon I attended the second sitting
of the yearly meeting; when the answers to the
remaining queries were read; and several reports
respecting the establishment of schools, and the
instruction of the native Indians, where brought in
and taken into consideration.

4th Month, 22th.

At nine o'clock I attended
the third sitting of the yearly meeting. After ap-
pointing a committee to hear and judge of an
appeal, the general epistle from the yearly meeting
in London was read; and six thousand copies of
it were ordered to be printed and distributed
through the inferior meetings. Epistles from the
different yearly meetings on this continent were
also read.

After meeting I dined at David Bacon

's, in
company with H. J. a friend who had devoted
some years to the instruction of the Indians, in the
useful arts of civilized life, during which time he
dwelt amongst them on the banks of the Allegany
River. From the conversation I had with this
friend, as well as with others who had given up