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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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raisins in return. From this trifling circumstance,
an attachment originated which ended but with
their lives. They were united in marriage when
of a suitable age; soon after which they emigrated
to America, and afterwards became the heads of
one of the most respectable families in Philadel-
phia. The young woman's father also went over
to America with them.

In recurring to the little story of Phineas Pem-

we have an example of the instability of
things in this changing scene. It is but a very
few years past that several branches of this family,
seemed to stand foremost in rank both in the so-
ciety, and in the American world in general; and
there was every probability that the name and
family might continue numerous and respectable
for many generations. But, if I recollect right, at
the time I am writing, James Pemberton, who is
now about 84 years of age, is the only remaining
branch of the family who bears the name; and if
he should be the last, it may be truly said, that the
sun of the family has gone down in brightness.See Note, page 46.

3d Month, 25th.

I came to Philadelphia

, where
I supped and spent the evening at John Elliott's,
an ancient valuable friend, a native of Leicester.