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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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mill. During the continuance of the war car-
ried on by Great Britain, in this country, he
was tried with the loss of all his property, and a
long confinement in prison; but his integrity and
perseverance rose above all his difficulties; and he
is now placed in a situation of life far above most
of his persecutors.

2d Month, 7th.

I left E. W's hospitable roof,
and, in the evening, came to Bladensburg

, where
I had the company of a young surgeon to supper,
of the name of John Bell, who had accompanied
the American squadron in the late expedition
against the Dey of Tripoly, and was at the storm-
ing of the fort and town of Deane, on the coast
of Africa. In hearing narratives of this kind, the
mind is often lost in astonishment in the consi-
deration that a man, endowed with reason, can
bring himself to believe there is any thing meri-
torious in thus exposing his life and limbs to de-
struction, and oftentimes when he is a total
stranger to the causes of the quarrel which he has
espoused. How lamentable is it that the noblest
faculties of man should be debased, and the funda-
mental principles of the christian religion trodden
underfoot, through the indulgence of ferocious and
warlike dispositions.

2d Month, 8th.

In travelling this day, I passed
by a company of black slaves, chained together,