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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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not inferior to some of the principal inns in Eng-
land. Soon after I alighted, I was invited by a
respectable old man to look over the schools that
evening. I was glad of the offer, as I had an op-
portunity of seeing nearly 100 of the girls collected,
and of hearing many of them repeat a number of
short pieces in verse and prose.

12th Month, 27th.

I remained in Bethlehem

and this morning was again kindly invited, by the
person who was my conductor last evening, to go
oven the different apartments in the school and
establishment. I gladly accepted his offer, and
was pleased with the neatness and order that
prevailed throughout the whole. This town is
pleasantly situated on the banks of the Lehigh, a
branch of the Delaware, which is navigable
down to Philadelphia. The town was founded by
Count Zinzendorff, and a large tract of good land
was purchased here by him, which is now of very
great value.

12th, Month, 29th.

I went to Falmouth

, and
attended the meeting there, and afterwards came
forward to Spring Mills, where I dined at T. L.'s,
in company with N. W. jun. who, with T. L.'s
sister, narrowly escaped with their lives as we
came from Falmouth. They were both in a single-
horse chaise, and the horse being in high condition
of spirits, took fright at something he saw,