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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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After attending the monthly meeting, I dined
and spent the afternoon at W. E's, where I had the
company of my relation J. E. and that of many
other friends from the neighbouring meetings.

12th Month, 19th.

I spent this day at W. E's,
who appeared to be much employment as an agent
in the sale and purchase of lands in these parts;
and, I understand, he has, by this means, acquired a
large property. A sale of 100 acres of land was
made while I was here. The estate sold for about
330l. sterling, with a tan-yard and some buildings
and other improvements thereon. It was considered
well worth the money; although, 10 or 15 years
ago, 50l. would have been thought a good price
for the land; it being 150 miles inland from Phi-
ladelphia; but there are now many good houses
and plantations scattered up and down in the
neighbourhood; and the roads are generally in
good order.

12th Month, 20th.

I came this day to Jersey

where I slept. In passing through the woods
this afternoon, I saw a flock of wild turkies run-
ning along the ground.

12th Month, 21st.

This morning I came about
12 miles on my way on the banks of the Susque-
hanna opposite to Cattawessy

, and breakfasted at
the house of a friend of the name of Yarnal.