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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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the hours and minutes; and on the third face were
marked the names of 24 musical tunes, with a
pointer in the centre, which, being placed against
any name, repeated that tune every quarter, until
the pointer was moved to another. On the fourth
face was seen, through the glass, the curious
machinery of the clock. The value set upon this
ingenious piece of mechanism was 1000 dollars,
or 225l. The cabinet work of the casing, as well
as the engravings and paintings about it, and also
the movements, although done in a beautiful and
workman-like manner, had all been executed
by men, none of whom had served an apprentice-
ship to their respective lines of business. The
mechanism was executed by the grandfather of
the kind friend in whose house it stands. This
family are remarkable for ingenuity, and have ren-
dered essential services to this country, by the
improvements they have made in the machinery
of flour mills. One of their progenitors had been
clock-maker to a King of England, and was con-
sidered a first-rate mechanic in his day. Thus
propensities and talents sometimes run in families
from one generation to another.

12th Month, 5th.

After breakfast my hospita-
ble friends shewed me into the land office of the
Holland purchase, where every thing is arranged
in great order; and several clerks and surveyors