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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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11th Month, 14th.

I attended Hudson meeting

and afterwards dined and spent a little time with
Captain R. B. in his family. In the afternoon, ac-
companied by several of H. M.'s family, and E. C.
I went across the North River to Athens. After
spending about an hour there, I took leave of these
agreeable young friends, and went on board the
sloop, called the First Counsellor, for Albany. The
time I spent at my cousin M.'s, was pleasanter
to me than any I have passed in this land; and his
house was the most like home.

11th Month, 15th.

I slept last night on board
the packet; and this day arrived safe at Albany

after a pleasant sail up Hudson River, on the
banks of which are many beautiful prospects.
Albany has more the appearance of an English
town than any I have seen in America. Some
of the streets are narrow and irregular, and
many of the houses are old. On approaching the
city, in sailing up the river, the roofs of many of
the buildings, from being covered with tin plates
instead of slate, exhibit a very singular and glit-
tering appearance in the sun. I lodged this night
at the coffee-house in Albany.

11th Month, 16th.

This day I rode up to Troy

on B. S.'s horse, which he was so kind as to fur-
nish me with, to Whites Town, near Utica. Troy
is a beautiful city, and improving rapidly. It is