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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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a quantity of tea, which had been gathered in the
woods about his dwelling. It had much the ap-
pearance and flavour of common bohea tea.

11th Month, 6th.

I attended Nine Partners
Quarterly Meeting

. At this meeting there were
three friends in the gallery, sitting near together,
whose ages united made about 300 years. After
meeting, we spent an hour or two in the school
for friends' children, where the teachers kindly
brought forward a few of their best readers, both
boys and girls, and gave us a specimen of their
abilities in that branch of learning. Some of them
read well, and did credit to the institution.
Amongst the teachers, I observed a young couple,
who had been married some time: the husband
was between 17 and 18 years old, and the wife a
little older, but not much. One consequence of
such early marriages is, that many generations are
frequently seen living at the same time. The
children of my acquaintance, John
, of Philadelphia, are the seventh genera-
tion; the female head of which family was a friend
then living. In the afternoon I visited T. R. and
his wife, in whose company we spent half an hour
pleasantly. After leaving them, we set out for
Stamford quarterly meeting, and lodged at A. S.'s.

11th Month, 7th.

Came to P. U.

's, where I
lodged. Here I saw several articles very neatly