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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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of its inhabitants, with whom I had been well
acquainted, had been suddenly taken away by the
ravages of that dreadful disease. The next morn-
ing I left New-York

, and passing through Green-
, and over Harlem Bridge, I arrived at
T. W.'s to dinner. There I spent the afternoon in
company with one of the Pilots for the Sound, a
healthy old man between 80 and 90 years of age, who
frequently walked 20 miles a-day. In coming up
to T. W.'s, I passed through Greenwich, a village
to which the business of New-York, together with
the banks and public offices, were removed on ac-
count of the yellow fever. The bustle and con-
fusion occasioned thereby is not easily conceived.
For the accommodation of the merchants, many
temporary wooden buildings were erected.

10th Month, 23d.

I accompanied T. and E.
W. to West Chester

meeting; and, in the after-
noon, drank tea and spent a few hours with I. C.'s
family, who were under affliction on account of
the decease of his wife. She had been lately re-
moved by the yellow fever, having, it was sup-
posed, taken the infection the day previous to
her coming to West Chester; to which place the
family had removed for safety from the infection.
The removal of this valuable friend, has been a
very trying dispensation to her husband and family.
If I understand right, she has left 13 children.