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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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10th Month, 18th.

I set out for Amboy

, through
the Jerseys.

10th Month, 19th.

I came to South Amboy

some parts of the road were through a fruitful
land, and others through a land almost as sandy
and barren as the deserts of Arabia.

10th Month, 20th.

I was unexpectedly detained
at Amboy

, the packet not arriving in time.--
This being first day, and there being no meeting
near the place, I spent my time in walking along
the sea shore, and observing the variety of marine
productions that were spread along the coast.
Having my little bible, it was not the least of
gratifications, occasionally to sit down upon a piece
of the wreck of some stranded vessel, which the
stormy ocean had cast upon the beach, and read a
page or two in that instructive volume. Whilst
thus employed I could not help pitying that poor
man of Borden Town, whose name I have recently
mentioned, for having so unwisely deprived him-
self of the great consolations which the Scriptures
afford, by cultivating a disbelief of the truths
which have been recorded for our comfort and
instruction through time.--The situation of Amboy
is peculiarly beautiful as to prospects. It com-
mands a full view of the Neversink Mountains,
and of the light-house at Sandy-Hook, by which
vessels generally pass in going to and from New-