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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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, I was induced to inquire if no friend
resided there, and was informed of a person resident
in the town, who was a member of our society.
I called upon him and was kindly entertained by
him the whole of the afternoon. After a little
conversation with him, I found he was a father
to one of my customers in America. I have often
thought it a great privilege in our society, that
such an interchange of hospitality and freedom pre-
vails among us. It has a great tendency to smooth
the path of life, especially to strangers in a strange
land. In the course of conversation in this family,
I found that Major Andre and Colonel Despard
had both taken up their lodgings with them,
when prisoners on parole to the Americans.
They spoke very respectfully of Major Andre, who
had so conducted himself as to gain much upon
the affection of the whole family. Some of his
drawings and letters were shewn to me, which
they preserved with great care.

8th Month, 26th.

The short time I remained
in Lancaster

, I found that considerable business
was done in the manufactory of locks, latches, and
rifle guns, all of which are esteemed to be superior to
those imported from England. This day I came to
Philadelphia and had the company of Judge Yates
the whole of the way. In the evening, I attended
the burial of C. W. a young man whom I had left
but a few days before in good health.