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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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Alexandria was present in the stage, as the driver
gave this account; and being well acquainted with
the man, considered him worthy of credit.

8th Month, 18th.

I attended Alexandria meet-

; and, in the afternoon, drank tea with a friend
from Birmingham, now well settled here with his
wife and children. My home was at P. J.'s where
I lodged and was kindly entertained.

The member of black slaves kept in and near

, is very great. On market days many
come out of the country with fruit, vegetables,
&c. and some, even girls of 10 or 12 years of age,
are seen walking the streets with baskets on their
heads, without any clothing. Some, both men and
women, are nearly without clothing; and what little
is allowed to many of them is all in rags. Their com-
mon full dress is a coarse sacking or linsey woolsey
shirt and trowsers for the men; and, for the women,
a long garment or a petticoat, and a short waist-
coat of the same meterials; both sexes go without
shoes or stockings, and mostly without hats. I
understood from a respectable person that farther
to the South he has seen, at the houses of what
are called gentlemen, the young blacks waiting
at table, quite naked; without discovering any
appearance of shame either in master or slave

There is a very striking contrast between the ap-
pearance of the horses or teams in Pennsylvania,