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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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Merchants, that she herself would be sold as a slave
by this man; who, under pretence of taking her to
her husband, would probably betray her. This
night I lodged at Wm. Morgan

's, in George-Town,
at whose house T. Moor also lodged.

8th Month, 7th.

I went to Washington city

The next day I visited Doctor Thornton, of the
Patent Office, and was shown a variety of curious
models. I noticed one in particular, for picking,
carding, and spinning cotton, which might be
wrought by a child of five or six years old; and
though in but little compass, would spin 18 threads
at once. In the afternoon I visited General
's residence on Mason's Island, which is a
very beautiful spot. In this excursion I had the
company of T. Moor, Samuel Brooks, and the
Mayor of the city, who assisted in rowing the
boat. The great officers of these cities are not
above occasional offices of this kind. In the even-
ing, I came to Wm. Morgan's, and lodged there.

8th Month, 9th.

I sailed down the Patowmack
to Alexandria

, and took up my quarters with my
kind friend and relative P. J. who had married
M. I. a cousin of my brother J. L.

8th Month, 13th.

I spent this day at Fredericks-

, a considerable town on the Rappahannock,
to which I came in the stage yesterday. Some