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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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spent about a week in the company of my friends
in Philadelphia


5th Month, 24th.

I put 10 hogsheads of to-
bacco on board the Rose, Captain Hathaway

, for
which I paid fourpence halfpenny per pound. The
Captain offering to take with him any little matter
I was inclined to put under his care, I transmitted
a packet of letters, and several little articles for
my family; and with them eight land tortoises,
which all got safely to England. In the same vessel
M. R. took her passage home, in company with
an English family, and a young man from Lan-
caster, in Pennsylvania. They were favoured to
arrive safe at Liverpool; but this poor young
man, taking his passage in the Ontario, on his in-
tended return to America, was lost at sea; the ship
having never been heard of after she left Liverpool.

After parting with Capt. H.

I set out for New-
, accompanied by J. J. and his sister; and
having five other friends in company, we took the
whole stage to ourselves, as we were all going to
attend the yearly meeting in New-York. On our
way we passed the Delaware at Trenton, where we
dined. I have remarked that some people in Ame-
rica, have a great predeliction for wearing boots,
and for smoking segars. Even children of five
or six years of age, are sometimes seen, in their