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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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balance in hand. In the evening I attended the
Westown School


4th Month, 20th.

I attended the tenth and last
sitting of the yearly meeting. The epistles to
several yearly meetings were read and agreed to;
afterwards several female friends were introduced
from the women's meeting. After a short pause,
one of them addressed herself to the meeting; but
more particularly to those employed in husbandry,
who composed a large part of the body then pres-
ent. In lively and animated language she re-
marked to them, that the nature of their employ-
ment afforded, in a peculiar manner, an opportu-
nity of observing the wonderful works of the
creation; but, at the same time, she expressed a
fear that some of them did not sufficiently, in
these things, regard the Almighty and Beneficent
Author of every mercy. In the recollection
thereof, the words of a pious author recurred
to her memory, which were descriptive of a mind
truly alive to tile feelings of gratitude and adora-
tion to the Great First Cause of all things; and
are as follows:-

He looks abroad into the varied field
Of Nature, and th' poor, perhaps, compared
With those whose mansions glitter in his sight,
Calls the delightful scenery all how own.