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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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books; but that he was determined to be Emperor
of Haiti, (the Indian name for Domingo,) in de-
fiance of both the French and the Quakers. Not-
withstanding this determination, he has since been
cut off by his enemies.

This day I attended Market-street Meeting

, and
afterwards dined with A. A. and M. R. and
spent a great part of the afternoon with them very

2d Month, 1st.

This day I dined at J. D.'s, in
company with J. F. one of the persons who ac-
companied me on my voyage from England. The
extreme severity of the weather had brought down
several kinds of water fowls from the northern
parts of this continent, which were quite unknown
to the naturalists in this country. J. F. shewed
one one of them which he had purchased, and
which appeared to be a species of duck; but was
much larger, and of a more beautiful plumage
than the common kind.

2d Month, 4th.

I attended the quarterly meeting
in this city, in which a testimony on account
of W. Savery

, was produced and read, expressive of
the high estimation in which he was held by friends

2th Month, 14th.

Being invited, I attended the
marriage of J. W. and A. A. of Philadelphia,