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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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11th Month, 15th.

In conversation with a friend
of the name of R. W. he informed me that, in the
early part of his life, he was on the island of the
Havanna, where he had some considerable business
to transact; but being ignorant of the Spanish
language, an Irish Roman Catholic Priest kindly
lent him his assistance on various occasions; and,
so effectually, that the Priest was the means of his
acquiring a large property, during a short stay
there. At the time of parting with this friendly
Priest, he presented him with a purse of one
thousand dollars, as a small compensation for the
assistance he had received; but the truly Catholic
Priest declared, that he would not accept of any
compensation of this sort; adding, All I ask of
you, in return for any service I may have rendered
you, is, that if, at and future period, you happen to
meet a countryman of mine in need of assistance,
you would do to him as I have done to you.
This affords one amongst many proofs, that the
truly Christian spirit is not confined to any pro-
fession of religion.

3d of 12th Month.

After attending the North

meeting, I called at the widow --,
where I saw the body of a young man from Sheffield,
who was found dead in his bed that morning. I was
conducted into the room by another person from
Sheffield. From the appearance of the deceased,