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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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10th Month, 10th.

The winds having some-
what abated, we ventured to cross the Susque-
hanna; but it being the time of low water, and the
force of the winds having driven down the water
very considerably the boats could not approach the
firm land by more than 100 yards, and we had to
mount upon the backs of the boatmen, who car-
ried us through the mud; but with considerable
difficulty, and not without now and then letting us
down in the mire. On getting fairly over, I found
a number of friends by the river side, on their way
to Baltimore yearly meeting

; and amongst them
M. W. formerly of Sheffield. In the course of
the afternoon I passed by A. A. near the Head of
. In the evening I came to Newport, where
I slept, having had the company of J. Pleasants, of

10th Month, 11th.

I came to Wilmington

, and
was kindly entertained at S. S.'s and J. G.'s; the
former of whom accompanied me to the Brandy
Wine River Mills
. These mills are mostly in the
hands of friends; and although not the most ex-
tensive, are in the construction and situation perhaps
equal to any. They are eight in number, and each
grind upon an average, per day, about three tons
and a half of flour, and about ten tons of Indian
meal; going through all the processes of grind-
ing, dressing, packing, &c. They are so situated,
that vessels receive and discharge their cargoes