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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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10th Month, 5th.

A vessel being about to sail
for England from this port, I employed the day
in writing to my family and friends there; and, in
the evening, I supped with old friend G. M.

10th Month, 5th.

This day I was engaged in at-
tending to my concerns in Baltimore

; and the next
being the 1st of the week, I attended the meeting in
that city
, and supped and spent the evening with
J. M. an old customer, who having acquired a large
property in trade, has now retired from business.
I was informed that his eldest son had addressed
Wm. Patterson's daughter, in order to marriage;
but having Jerome Bonaparte for a rival, had met
with a disappointment; she having given the pre-
ference to the Frenchman, to whom she is now
married. I had an opportunity of seeing Jerome
and his bride, and could perceive in his counte-
nance and person, a great resemblance to the
portraits we see of the French Emperor.

10th Month, 8th,

was employed in writing to
my friends in England; and, an opportunity offer-
ing, I forwarded several letters and papers to them.

10th Month, 9th.

I left Baltimore

. The road
in some parts lying through the woods, and the
wind being very high, we found some difficulty in
getting along, on account of a great number of
large trees which were blown down and laid across
the road. However we got safe to Havre-de-