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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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commanding a fine prospect of the river Potow-
mack and the surrounding country. In the even-
ing, I arrived safe at Gadby's Tavern

in Alexan-
, having enjoyed, on horseback, a much more
pleasant ride, than I should have had in the stage.
Thus it sometimes happens that our enjoyments
arise out of disappointments.

9th Month, 30th.

A respectable person at the
inn being about to return towards Fredericksburg

afforded an opportunity of sending back J. C.'s
horse, and I accordingly availed myself of it. I
supped and spent this evening at E. S.'s, a valuable
medical friend in this city.

10th Month, 1st and 2d,

were spent at Alexandria

in commercial engagements. The next day I took
my passage in the packet for George Town, and
had a pleasant sail up the Potowmack; having a
fine view of Washington City, particularly of the
capitol and of the President's house; which are in
sight all the way from Alexandria. In the evening
I came to George Town, and staid at an inn, in
company with a Messenger who had just arrived
from Spain, with dispatches for the American
; and, he being an agreeable intelli-
gent person, the time I was with him was spent

10th Month, 4th.

I set out for Baltimore

, in
company with Thomas Washington, a relation of