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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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8th Month, 15th.

Spent part of this day at
J. W.'s, where I had the company of H. J. and
M. R. The lively and cheerful flow of R. J.

's spirits
remains with her in her old age; no doubt, in a great
measure, the result of a well-spent life; and she
enjoys, in a remarkable degree, the love and esteem
of her neighbours and friends. In the evening I
called on Wm. Savery's widow, who appeared to
be dejected, on account of the recent loss of a
beloved husband. Few men have finished their
course, in the possession of more esteem and regard
from mankind in general; and his mind dwelling
near to the mountain of Life and Love, his charity
was unbounded. Exclusive of the testimony of
the meeting to which he belonged, I noticed a
number of tributes to his memory, in a variety of
periodical publications, both in prose and verse.

8th Month, 16th.

Spent a pleasant evening at
D. Bacon

's. He, like the last mentioned friend,
was a man highly esteemed in the circle of his
acquaintance; and, being of a sweet disposition,
had a great place amongst young friends, when his
advice was wanted. He is since deceased.

8th Month, 17th.

I dined and spent a part of
the day at James Pemberton

's, a kind and
hospitable friend of this meeting. Although
approaching to his 90th year, he was then of
considerable activity in offices of kindness to his