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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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Chapter II.
New-York.--Philadelphia.--Account of the Mammoth.--
Norristown.--Spring Mill Ferry.--Philadelphia.--
Burlington--Amboy.--New-York.--Baltimore, Wash-

7th Month 31st, 1804.

This morning I was
conducted by my companions to one of the Public
Baths kept in the city of New-York

. These
Baths are upon a plan I had not seen before. On
each side of a long and spacious passage, is a
range of small rooms, in each of which is a Bath
sufficient to accommodate one person; with suit-
able conveniences for dressing and undressing. On
the side of each Bath are two brass cocks, the
one furnishing warm and the other cold water; so
that the bather may have the water at what tem-
perature he pleases. There is also a valve, by
means of which, if there is more water than is
pleasant, he may let part of it out. Some of these
Baths are made of white marble; and are so con-
structed that a person may lie down or sit in them.
So grateful it is to remain a considerable time in
them, in the warm season of the year, that it
is a common practice for bathers to take books
with them to read while they thus indulge them-
selves in the Bath. There are also Baths in a
different part of the house set apart for females.