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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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advice; and when they heard she was
no more, their countenances manifest-
ed much sorrow. ---- She departed
16 of the 8mo 1807, ---- the next
day being fixed on for her burial, invi-
tations were sent among the In-
dians, & near 20 of the graver sort attend'd
principally women, a number coming
into the room, and after looking at the
corps in much brokenness quietly took
their seats untill it was closed, which
was not untill after a time of solemn
silence.- Several of the Indians who
did not come in sent their excuse
saying, They could not bear to see her
for the sight would overcome them and
they would weep aloud. They follow'd
to the grave in the same becoming
manner. -- They return’d into the room
and took their seats for I suppose
15 minutes. They were then serv'd with
fresh bread and in a few minutes