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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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-ly gratifying was our arival to Rachel

for her mind was sinking under discou-
ragements and at the point of desparing
of our not geting there. She with the
rest of the family were in the enjoyment
of health. Eleven day were agreeably spent
in free conversation, mutually glad after
a sepparation of more than two years
to be in each other’s society

The 5th of the 8 mo.

She was taken un-
well, and in two days in the day was
prospect of her recovery look'd
gloomy. She was given over by the Dr.
at this moving period. I thought it
best to make her acquainted with her
critical situation, that the probability
of her being raised was small.
after a
short pause she reply'd - I would have
been willing to have continued a while
longer with my dear husband assisted
in the concern we came here about, and
to have return'd with him to our friends;