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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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a good warm house to shelter us from the
northern blasts.

A number of Indian girls has this
winter given us their company - some
of whom has made an incouraging prog-
ress - a short piece is now in the loom
principally the industry of two girls.
- another piece is on the way - and a con-
siderable quantity of very good thread
has been manufacter'd and distributed
among them generally. - Those two
girls are desirous of having wheels of
their own, and spin at home - and
their request we mean to grant.

Altho’ the disposition among the
men to relieve their women in the
labour of the field, has greatly en-
creas'd; yet when the time for plant-
ing corn comes, the females have to
give their assistance more or less, thro’
the summer. still there are intervals
if they were so disposed, that might