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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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added to the returning spring, feels animat-
ing-- The sawmill has steadily been
kept going and many thousand feet of
boards set in rafts down the river to Pitt[sburgh]


5 mo 25th

To her Uncle WS

. We have lately
had a visit from the Agent placed by gov-
ernment of the six nations.- he resides at
Buffoloe about 80 miles from this place-
The Indians on this river had not receiv'd
a visit from him since he was intrusted
with his office- and we being entire strain-
gers to him and his sentiments, respecting
our being here on the errent we are- we were
anxious to have an interview with him.
The next day after his arival at Cold spring
he had the Indians collected (our men at-
tended). He communicated many pertinent
remarks to them, suitably adapted to their
capacities; endeavouring to impress on their
minds, the advantage of industry and
sobriety, and the cultivation of their land.
Requesting them to be careful to bring