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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Notes Kept of a Journey

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musing my heart was fill'd with a preci-
ous illumination, and self so reduced, that
I felt willing to make a full surrender of
my all, to the great and wise disposer of events
but alass, this produced awful sensations;
and I was ready to shudder at the prospect;
when unexpectedly and unsought for a
language reviv'd, “Fear thou not neither be
dismay'd. I will strengthen thee, yea I will
help thee, my grace is sufficient for thee.”
O the Divine consolation that fill’d my
breast.- Tho’ as to the outward it might
look lonesome; being in the wilderness-
far from society- some distance from the
house and nearly dark: yet had I been
in the midst of my friends no outward
enjoyment could have been equal to the
precious sweetness I then experienced--
my heart overflow'd with gratitude-- any
subtle petitions asconded for the continu-
ations of his love, Tho’ felt unworthy of
the least of the multiplied favours I am