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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting Subscriptions

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We the Subscribers, do hereby agree and promise to pay on
or before the first day of the Second Month next, unto the
person, or persons appointed by the Monthly Meeting of
Friends in Shrewsbury, to collect the same the sum of money
hereunder written against our names, to be applied to the
to the benevolent purposes of promoting the civilization and
well being of the Indian Natives
10th Mo 1805

Subscribers Names Sum in (words) if paid Benjamin Parker Three Dollars X Paid 1 4 0 Joseph Wolcott Two Dollars X Paid 0 16 0 Peter Wolcott one Dollar X 0 8 0 Joseph Allen Two Dollars X 0 16 0 George Corlies Two Dollars X 0 16 0 James Lafetra Two Dollars X Paid 16 Robert Parker Three Dollars X Paid 1 4 0 Jacob Woolley Six Dollar X Paid 0 2 8 0 Samuel Parker one & half Dollars X Paid 0 0 12 0 £ 9 0 0