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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to the Quarterly Meeting of Friends at Hopewell

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were willing to do Justice; divers Conferences were held amongst themselves & with us
relative to that Business, the Issue of which was that we were all of Opinion the Tuscaroras
were the People who formerly owned that Country; they are now the sixth Nation in the
Confederacy, and some of their Chief Men appeared so confident of the Rectitude of their
Claim as to have entertained an Expectation that we came prepared to make them
full Compensation for their land in the Premises.General Chapin Superintendant of the six
Nation gave us his Judgement in writing in Confirmation of the Right of the
Tuscaroras, which with the Account of that People given by T. Jefferson leaves
apprehended, no Room to doubt of the reality of the Matter a copy of which is
herewith Sent.

And now frnds having laid ye Subject before you not as Dictators
but as brethren Concerned in the Same Common Couse of Pro-
moting Truth & Righteousness, we trust you will take it into
Serious & Solid Consideration & if anything appears to remain Due from you
to these greatly Injured people (which no doubt Some of you
once thought) we hope you will chearfully Unite with us in
Contributing a Small part of your Substance for their Relief
& Comfort. The Nation who Now asserts their Right to the
Lands which you have been a Long time in Possessing of
in a peculiar manner Claims our Sympathy being the most
Destitute of all the Six Nations, and only Live & hunt on the Lands
of the Senecas Nation by their Indulgence; but are not considerd
as having any Rights in the Soil, & we believe the Testimony
of truth will suffer if someCompensation is not made
them from our Religious Society,

With Desires that Bro-
therly Love may Continue & abound among us we re-
main your Affectionate frds