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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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was much comforted, as I Rode home-
-wards this day, with Heavenly consolation good
ness, and on looking over our Jour-
-ney, felt thankful that I had given
up to the Service, and on >now returning felt feeling
the sweet reward of Peace therefore fufil bow-
-ed my Mind into Contrition, and filled it with true
thankfulness for the present favour.
got to Isaac Coates

a little within
Evening where we were received
with Open hearts 18 miles.

12mo 1st checkPlace

after a tendering opportu-
-nity this morning, wherein we had
to experience Ancient goodness
near and to acknowledge that we had
been helped through many difficul-
-ties and so far brought safely
back, had been made near and
dear to each other, under a fresh
and renewed sense of so great a
sorrow we bid each other farewell