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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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of straw, except Boards instead of socking
Bottom, except when we lay in the Woods on
Bark, they mostly appeared dirty, uniformly
without any sheet over us, but in lieu thereof
a Rough Course Blanket, our meal has been
steadily fryed Veneson sometimes pretty good,
our Bread for 100 miles, with some small
exceptions, has been indifferent Buckwhea[t]
cakes, our drink almost ever since we
left home has been water, Bohea Tea is
much used in Canada, which they drink
very strong, with or without Sugar, as their
store holds out, they have a great Plenty of
Sugar Maple, of which some of the Inhabi-
-tants make a sufficiency for themselves
but we found a number of them out, not
withstanding this was their situation, they
could lay the Teatable for their friends, &
sit down with as much composure as
if all were compleat, which I counted
a piece of Philosophy worth Labouring after

4th day the 22 checkPlace

a Northeast Wind, and a
Cold Wet morning, our horses, and our
selves being weary and wanted some rest
and being among friends here upon