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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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one with the Father on a large pack
of something, and who by themselves,
some of them were without Stockings Cold as
it was, to see that those in their distressed,
much helpless, and Cumbred condition,
had surmounted all the difficulties
as to badness of Road, &c that were before
us, we felt our hearts animated, to pursue our Journey and I
thought we had no cause in our well
provided state condition to entertain the least
discouragement, the family above noted
had lain in the Woods last night without
any Camp, the Ground five Inches deep
with snow, and the weather so Cold that
abundance of Ice was floating on the
Waters we had lately Crossed, and they would
have to encounter the same trials this
Night as they could reach no house.

3rd day the 21 checkPlace

set off as soon this Morning
as was safe, in hopes we should be able
to reach a friends House this Evening,
which was very desirable, the Morning
was Cloudy and very Cold, and we had a
rough high Country for 10 miles to travel