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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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we have Crossed four Large Streams
of the Susquehanna in 14 miles each of them
we Judged as large again as Bran-
-dywine they were all of them more
than Belly deep, and we felt truly
thankful Considering the great
fall of Rain that we are safely
over them 29 miles ---

here we met with two travelers
that who had Just come from the Block-

, they informed us the Road
there was so bad that it cost them two
days >hard traveling, which and that we
could not reach there it in one day tho
but 35 miles, this information was ve-
-ry discouraging, for their was no stage
or house short of 23 miles of sd. Blockhouse yet upon
considering the circumstances we
concluded to make a trial of going
through in one day, and if we failed
to lye in the Woods, Cold and Snowy as
it was