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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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dry Weather till we got into the set-
-tlement 22 miles

4th day the 15 checkPlace

a cold frosty morning and
a little Cloudy, set of very early and
in 5 or 6 miles we had a smart snow
shower, and shortly after another the
wind at North and very Cold, the

we were informed by an
Indian, was by far too deep to be rid
we then thought best to go be the
Indian Village which stood on the
EastWestside of said stream, and was
perhaps 4 miles morefurther, we were in
-formed there waswereabout 150 Indians
in said Village, the have but a few houses
for that number, there were two hew-
-ed log houses pretty neat an tight
& perhaps 40 or50 feet long, andthey were
stowed full, with several other small
huts near by, after some small refresh-
-ment at a dirty Frenchmans house
on the bank of the said river, we proceeded
to Cross, he having a small Canoe