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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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if we had stayed over first day, feering
our leaving them 7th day and next day this little meeting coming on
least it should administer some discou-
-ragement to the few friends there
however resignation was our best expe-
-dient, and when Morning came, the
rain still continuing very heavy, we
can thought it most safe, and felt most
easy to remain in our Quarters, about
noon the rain abated, the wet a little till

2nd day the 13 checkPlace

rose early this morning to pur-
-sue our Journey, still Cloudy, from the best
information we could get, were in hopes
the Waters, except Tawnywanty, would be
fordable, but in about four Miles travel-
-ing we were disappointed, for we came
upon a very rapid Stream, which upon
examining, we believed not safe to Cross
and to 18 hours since the rain abated
it appeared still to be rater rising, this
was a fresh trial, but patience was our
best expedient, for if we had ventured
and got safe over this stream, there was ano-