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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Some of our Company went to James Craw-

’s who is a friendly Man, his Wife
was disowned by Richland Monthly Meet
they have five small Children and She
She is an exa mplery thoughtful Woman, have the
sent an Acknowledgement by us to the
Meeting she was testifyed against to
condemm her out goings.

5th day the 8 checkPlace

a pleasant day, the snow
nearly gone by evening, the Roads very
wet, about six miles deep and heavy
like the breaking up of the frost, stop-
-ed at John Hills

and got dinner, &
Lodged at Jeremiah Moores, 12 miles

5th day the 9th checkPlace

a pleasant day, walked
1 ½ miles to Thomas Mercer

’s, a person
who came out of Jacob Lindley’s
neighborhood about one year ago
they were much pleased with
our Company, and gave us a Breakfast
exceeding any we met with in
Canada, having excellent Green