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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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since killed to this stage 12 miles.
We still went down sd River, over
very fine fat bottoms, in about 8
miles crossed Cannosto a very beau
tiful strem stream, then in 4 miles
more we crossed Conhocton as beau
tifull a stream as another any of
the former, the smallest of those stream†s
are nearly as large>r as than Brandywine
Stoped to feed at the painted Post

12 miles
but but had nothing Suitable, thence
to Mud Creek to John Dolso’s where
we Lodged 12 miles the Road has been
in the main pretty good, to the paint
-ed post
very good.

21 checkPlace

Stoped and took breakfast at
William Kerseys

5 miles, he had nei
ther Hay, Corn, or Oates for our horses Lives in
a small Log house in the Woods by
a Curious Lake, of about 50 acres it
is surrounded by a hard gravelly bank,
has no Stream that runs either in>to it
or out, continues nearly the same
fulness of all Seasons, and abound[s]
with various kinds of Fish, went to
Bath miles there fed our horses 2 mile