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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Visit to Oneida and Other Tribes of Indians

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shall get no kind of Entertain-
ment, either for ourselves or
Horses, for upwards of 40 Miles.
Thence to William Carter’s

15 miles, where we lodged out
29.of necessity; there being no other
House, of any kind, on this side
of the mountains: This last Stage crossing
the New-York and Pennsylvania Line.


This morning started be-
fore two OClock, proposing, in pos-
sible to reach some Quarters on the
other Side of the Savage Mountains;
breakfasted on Bread & Cheese, which
we had previously provided; and fed
our Horses, some on the Ground, and
others in Holes cut cut for that
purpose in the Logs; about 15
Miles on our way. Thence proceed-
ing up the Mountain; our Roads