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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Visit to Oneida and Other Tribes of Indians

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leasing &c. to the white peo-
ple, ‘till Government out
of friendship to them, took
notice of their Situation, pur-
chased the greater part of their
Tract, and secured the above
Quantity to them by Law, in
Such a manner that no Indi-
vidual of them has a right
to sell or lease any part of
it to white people;* but it
is divided into Lots of different
*Note. The Information in minute, of the
18th of last mo. p. 97. respecting the Oneida’s

selling this Land to the State of New York,
was obtained after writing this Letter,
and added to that minute; yet does
not contradict the Reason here given
for the Loss of their Lands; the State