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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Notes of a Journey taken by Elisha Tyson and James Gillingham on a Visit to some Indians in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne

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the Preparatives are Centre & todds Fork
in the Evening I went out with Benjamin
Farquhar & Joel Wright (Son of Jonathan)
to view a Tract of Land that adjoins
Jonathan Wrights & concluded if it
was not too good it might do

The Settlement of Friends in this lower
part of the Country consists of 4 Monthly

1 West Branch by name on Still water
Consisting of 5 meetings & the prospect
of another shortly

2 Miami monthly at Wainsville Consisting
of 5 Meetings

3 Centre -- at Todds Fork & Cesars Creek

4 Fairfield -- at Lees Creek & Clear
Creek alternating 3 meetings for Worship

we intend setting our early tomorrow
morning & push forward with Vigour