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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of a Visit to the Oneida, Stockbridge, and Brotherton Indians

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endeavors to reform their respective People but having
seen no success they seems discouraged and hang down
their heads. ~

Brothers – In remembrance of your kind promises We write
our cries to you for help – Perhaps you are ready
to think what man that must be that has abused
so much of our Brethren – never was such Heroe or Tyrant
heard that ever meddled with Indians
– but in literally he is your only begotten son
– & his name you call Rum – And the names of his
Officers are Brandy - Wine & Gin –

And we know you have power to controul him
– And as we desire to live in peace & to become Civilized
nations – We earnestly entreat you to use your
power & Wisdom to prevent all people whether White
or Black who may cause rum and other Spiritous
liquors throughout your State to come into the hands of
our Tribes except when sickness required our Chiefs may keep little for that purpose – For your compliance with this our request
– We will ever acknowledge your friendship

Done at the Oneida Village
on the 15th of March
1796 is from your Brethren
Chiefs of Warriors of Oneida Nation
John Thonnodogh Crisdian Thonighgwensora Wm Thadighgwesora Shagoghgludaha Thawighdot Cornelius Hanoyong
Of Tuscarora Nicholas Cusich David Tyodeaseagwinde Peter Dyongevet
Of Musseconnuk Or Stockbridge Hendrick Aupaumut Joseph Quinney Joseph Shauquithqueath