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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of my Residence among the Indians continued (Notes 2nd)

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for this purpose I have traveled a great distance
being sent by your old friends the boston Missionary

. You will recollect they formerly sent
missionaries among you to instruct you in
religeon and labour for your good. Although
they have not heard from you for a long time
yet they have not forgoten their brothers of
the Six Nations and are still anxious to do you

I have not come to get your
lands or your money but to enlighten your
minds, and to instruct how to worship the
Great Spirit agreably to his mind and will
and to preach to you the Gospel of his son
Jesus Christ. There is but one religeon and
one way to serve God and if you do not em
-brace the right way you cannot be happy
hereafter, you have never worshiped the
Great Spirit in a manner acceptable to
him, but have all your lives been in Great
errors and darkness. To endeavour to remove
these errors and open your eyes so that you
may see clearly is my business among you.

I wish to talk with you as one
friend talks with another. and if you have
any objections to receive the religeon which I
preach I wish you to state them and I will