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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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from the Government, but I have not been able
to trace in them the specific amounts granted by
that treaty.

Mem. of the terms of the Treaty.

PREAMBLE: that the treaty if to end a de-
structive war, settle all controversies, and restore
harmony, &c.

ART. 1. Peace re-established.

ART. 2. Prisoners on both sides to be re-

ART. 3. Indians cede all lands east of a line
running from the mouth of the Cuyahoga, irreg-
ularlym to the Ohio opposite to the mouth of
the Kentucky river. And cede 16 specified
tracts. And free passage to the whites through
certain routes through their country.

ART. 4. The U.S relinquish all land west of
the boundary, except 150,000 acres granted Gene-
ral Clarke

; the post of Vincennes; the French
settlement on the Illinois, &c.; and Fort Massoe,
and give $20,000 in goods and annuities, amount-
ing to $9,500.

ART. 5. Indians to be protected in the occupa-
tion of their lands as reserved to them; but to
sell only to the U. States.

ART. 6. Indians may expel settlers from their

ART. 7. Indians may hunt on lands ceded to
the U.S., [until settled.]