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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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mill erected in his town, and appeared earnestly
desirous of promoting the improvement of his
people. The Shawanese

, the Raven and his
wife, and the Beaver and Crow listened in

The dress and mantle of the Raven

bore a
close resemblance to those worn by Marpau,
and were of similar material. He was esteemed
the greatest hunter of the Potowatomies, and
occasionally visited the Rocky Mountains in
pursuit of game, and on his last excursion to
that distant range, had killed a grizzly bear of
immense weight and size, whose skin, dressed
with the claws and teeth attached, he wore on
this occasion, thrown over his shoulders. His
face was painted; the cheeks and forehead
black, and across one of his cheeks was a heavy
dash of vermillion, which looked like a deep and
gaping flesh wound. His hair, which was thick
and coarse, was cut about six inches long in
front, and hung about his face, but was its full
length behind, and tied in several places with
bands of buckskin, and powdered with red paint;
and he wore on the top of his head, a small
coronet of eagle's feathers, Attached to an
embroidered belt hung his tobacco pouch, made
of the entire skin of a beaver, and by its side
his tomahawk and scalping knife.

With his large and muscular proportions, ac-
companied by the disfigurements of the paint,
he was only saved from the appearance of a bar-