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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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Recollections of the Little Turtle and other

The Little Turtle

, with several other Chiefs,
spent two days at Ellicott's Mills, during Christ-
mas week of 1807, attended by Wm. Wells, the
United States Agent for Fort Wayne, as inter-
preter. They had been to Washington on busi-
ness, had had an interview with the Indian Com-
in Baltimore, and were returning home
through the State of Maryland.

George Ellicott

called to see them soon after
their arrival, and gave them an invitation to
dine the next day, at his house, which was not
far distant from the hotel where they lodged.
The delegation was composed of the following
persons:-The Little Turtle and Rusheville,
Chiefs of the Miami nation; the Beaver and
Crow of the Delawares; two Shawanese Chiefs,
and Marpau and the Raven, Chiefs of the
Potowatomies; of the two last named each was
accompanied by his wife. All accepted the in-
invitation but Marpau, who positively declined
both for himself and his wife. He was of a very
warlike disposition, and the brother of Tecumseh,
and the Prophet, who, in 1811, openly revolted
from their allegiance to the United States, and
were the cause of much bloodshed on the Cana-
dian frontier. Already the spirit of disaffection
had taken hold of his mind; he refused to wear
any article of clothing manufactured by the