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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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of the Indian Committee, George Ellicott

, ad-
dressed the chiefs as follows:

Brothers and Friends: We were glad when
we heard that some of our Red brethren were
coming to this city, and felt our minds drawn
to take them by the hand, and have an oppor-
tunity of knowing them. As we have not been
made acquainted with their circumstances, we
have not been able to judge whether any thing
we have had to propose to do for them would be
accepted? Whether they are really under the
necessity of applying to some other mode of
living to obtain a livelihood, and whether game in
their country is yet plenty? We have thought,
brothers, that if it should not yet be the case,
that game is scarce, at the present time, it will
probably be the case in some future time; and,
therefore, we have thought it would be best for
our Red brethren to give some attention to the
cultivation of the soil. This is one of the subjects
which has claimed our attention; and as we feel
in our hearts that we love the Indians and desire
their welfare, we wish to turn their attention to the
subject; we also believe, brothers, that we
derive a very great advantage from reading
books which contain instruction, we wish that
our brethren, the Indians, should partake of the
same means of instruction with ourselves. We
wish you to let us know with candor, whether
you desire these things, and if you do so, that
we may do for you whatever may be in our