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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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The next meeting of the committee

was a
special one, and held at Pike Creek, the 24th of
the 5th month, 1802. This meeting was called
in consequence of a part of the committee hav-
ing had a conference with a number of Indian
chiefs in Baltimore. The chiefs were on their
way to Washington, the seat of Government,
and were waited on at their lodgings, the
Fountain Inn, Light Street, by the members of
the Indian Committee of Baltimore and Ellicott's
, to confer with them on subjects of deep im-
portance to their Red brethren, viz: the introduc-
tion into their tribes of some of the arts of civil-
ized life, and to remonstrate against the use of
spirituous liquors. The Baltimore members pre-
sented to the General Indian Committee the
whole account of their conference, and the
memorial they had presented to Congress
against the introduction of spirituous liquors
into the Indian settlements. As the account of
the conference was published in several of the
newspapers, I give the following extract from one
of them:

The editors having obtained a genuine copy
of the proceedings of the committee

by the Yearly Meeting of the respectable So-
ciety of Friends
, in two conferences with the
Indian Chiefs from the banks of the Wabash,
Lake Erie, and Lake Michigan, being from the
Pottowattomy, Miami, Delaware, Shawanese,
Weas, Eel River, Piankshaw, Kickapoo