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Beyond Penn's Treaty

A Mission to the Indians from the Indian Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting to Fort Wayne, in 1804

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Baltimore Yearly Meeting

of Friends with the
Report of the Committee on Indian Concerns,
and was published in the newspapers of the day.

Afterwards, at a meeting of the Indian Com-

in Baltimore, the 16th of Eighth month,
1798, they received a letter from John Hecke-
, agent for the Moravian Society, repre-
senting the distressed condition of the Indians
under his care, in consequence of their having
been driven from their settlement on the Mus-
kingum river, during the late war, and were
now returning thereto in want of provisions and
necessary implements of husbandry; whereupon
Reese Cadwallader, Nathan Heald and Joel
were appointed to inspect into the
circumstances of those Indians, with liberty, if
they shall believe it necessary, to afford them
some assistance by furnishing them with such
articles as they may be in immediate want of.
This delegation reported to the Indian Commit-
, at a meeting held in Baltimore the 2d of
Fourth month, 1799, in a communication bear-
ing date, Redstone, Twelfth month 21st, 1798,
and signed by Reese Cadwallader and Joel
. They had proceeded on their mission
as far as Georgetown on the Ohio, sixty-five
miles from Redstone, but ascertaining that John
had lately gone to Bethlehem, and
had procured the Indians under his charge a
supply of provisions for the winter before his
departure, and that the principal Indians of the